Rice with Vegetables and Dried Fruit

Great rice for the weekend inspired by the Persian cuisine - rice with onion, carrot, raisins, cranberries and sliced almonds that is a special and delicious vegan addition to any meal

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  • EasyDifficulty
  • 15-30 minPrep. Time
  • 8Serving/Unit


Basmati rice, 2½ cups
Salt, 1 flat tablespoon
for cooking rice
Onion, 1 medium unit
finely chopped into strips
Carrot, 1 medium unit
without peel, slightly coarsely grated on a grater
Canola oil, 4 tablespoons
2 tablespoons + 2 tablespoons
Curry powder, 1/2 flat teaspoon
0.25 teaspoon + 0.25 teaspoon
Black pepper, 1/4 flat teaspoon
coarsely ground - to taste
Sliced blanched almonds, 1 handful
Raisins, 1 handful
Cranberries, 1 handful
Turmeric, 1/2 flat teaspoon
to taste
Water, 1/2 cup
Canola oil, 1 tablespoon
mix with the boiling water
Salt, 1/2 flat teaspoon
mix with the boiling water
Cooking water, as needed


1. Boil about 2 liters of water in a pot, add the 1 tablespoon of salt and rice, cook for about 8 minutes (partial cooking) while stirring occasionally and strain.
2. Fry the onion in 2 tablespoons of the oil in a pan until golden. Add the carrot, 0.25 teaspoon of the curry powder and the black pepper, and continue to fry for about 5 minutes. Remove to a separate bowl.
3. Add the almonds to the oil left in the pan and lightly brown. Add the raisins and cranberries, stir for another minute and turn off the heat (about a third of the amount can be saved for decoration).
4. In a small casting pot heat the remaining 2 tablespoons of oil, add the turmeric and a 0.25 teaspoon of the remaining curry powder and mix. Add about 0.33 of the amount of rice and cover the bottom of the pot.
5. Add the fried vegetables and dried fruits to the rest of the rice and mix. Add to the pot, straighten and tighten slightly. Simmer for about 5 minutes over high heat (to create a golden and crispy bottom).
6. Mix in 0.5 cup of boiling water the salt and oil, and gradually pour over the rice.
7. Cover the pot and cook over low heat for about 30 minutes until ready.
8. Bon appetite (:

Total time: ±1 hour

Equipment: small casting pot (22 cm in diameter).

The preparation method also includes frying. The spices in the recipe are according to personal taste.

Nutritional Values Serving/Unit 100 Grams
Calories 264 cal 235 cal
Proteins 5 g 5 g
Carbohydrates 46 g 41 g
Fat 8 g 7 g
The nutritional values appearing on this website are intended to provide general information only, and do not constitute a recommendation, a substitute for consulting a specialist or receiving medical advice.
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Rice with Vegetables and Dried Fruit
The perfect rice dish