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Welcome to the foodsdictionary.com website (hereinafter the "Website").

Upon entering the website, and before performing any action on the website, using any service or information existing on the website and/or its applications, you are asked to carefully read these terms of use, as detailed below (hereinafter "Terms of Use"). These terms of use are binding on all users of the website from the moment they are published.

If you agree to these terms of use, you may use it in accordance with these procedures and regulations.

The management of the website reserves the right to update and change the website and its services, including their scope and availability, without the need for prior notice. The user will not have any claim and/or demand and/or lawsuit against the website due to these changes. The management of the website reserves the right to update the terms of use from time to time without the need for prior notice, and the users must be independently updated on these changes. At each entrance to the site, it will be possible to read the terms of use in their latest version via the link: Terms of use.

What is said in the masculine language also means the feminine language, and vice versa. What is said in the singular also means the plural, and vice versa. The titles are for convenience only and should not be given any other meaning. By using the website, you undertake to waive any claim and/or demand against foodsdictionary website. You may use it in accordance with these procedures and regulations.

Privacy Policy

Private information about the website’s users, which will be provided through the website, will be used for the purpose for which they were provided only as stated and as agreed in these terms of use. The website will not pass on any information provided through it to third parties without the user's agreement.

Cookies and Third-Party Advertisements

This website uses cookies, in order to improve the speed and efficiency of the system’s use by the website's users, to collect statistics on the actual use of the website, its channels and information contained therein, and to adapt the advertising that appears to website’s visitors to their interests. These are actually text files in the browser you are using. The user confirms in these terms of use and in using this website the website’s use in cookies and the use of the website in the information collected. If the user does not want cookies to be accepted, this can be prevented by changing the settings in the user browser. The user can also delete cookies stored on the user's computer. To do this, use the help information provided in the web browser. Please note, if the use of cookies in the browser is blocked, there may be disruptions to the website.

The website allows certain companies to manage the set of advertisements throughout the website, and therefore some of the advertisements you see on the website come from the servers of those companies, which place cookies on your computer and Web Beacons. These are actually tiny files with a unique ID, which help gather statistical information about viewing and using the website as well as audience data (including age, gender, interests, etc.) generated from Google-based advertising or other advertisers using Google Analytics code. This information that is collected about you does not identify you personally, but only helps to match the advertisements that will be presented to you on those topics that interest you. These companies' use of cookies and web beacons is subject to their privacy policies and not this website's policies. For example, see Artimedia's privacy policy and Google's privacy policy.

Commercial Information and Advertisements

The website will not bear any responsibility and/or liability for the content of the ads and commercial information published on the website, but the sole responsibility is of the advertiser only. The publication of the ads by the website owners does not constitute a recommendation or encouragement to purchase the services or products offered on them. Commercial use of the website, content, information, systems and any part thereof are strictly prohibited without the consent of the website owners, in writing and in advance.

In addition, the website may add commercial information and advertisements near, within and wherever directly or indirectly related to the advertisements and/or the users’ content on the website, and the advertisers and/or the users who uploaded the content or whose content was uploaded by the website’s staff - will have no claim or demand in the matter, including the receipt of any consideration, compensation or indemnification.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

By using the website and uploading your content to the website, you hereby confirm that foodsdictionary website has the right to use the content and can make any use of this content, including its publication in the media, without obtaining further permission from you in writing and in advance and even if it generates profits from it. Also, you will not have any claim against foodsdictionary website as you agree to these terms of use, and this is not considered a copyright and intellectual property infringement. It is clarified that uploading content that is users’ content to the website does not deprive the copyright owners of the content of their rights in it, but grants the website an unlimited use license in time and/or territory and for any use, without the need to inform them.

All copyrights and intellectual property, including name and trademarks, site design, secrets and trademarks, content created by the website’s staff and/or by its ordered, information about the products and foods entered, and any software, application, computer code, graphic file, text and all other material contained therein - are of the website owners only. No part of the above may be copied, distributed, publicly displayed or given to a third party without the consent of the website’s management, in writing and in advance. By submitting content for publication on the site on your part, you hereby confirm that you own the copyright in the content or that there is a legal permission and permission for you to transfer the content for publication on the website. The website’s management will not be responsible for this content, which does not constitute a substitute for professional advice, and any result or direct/indirect consequence of using this content by third parties, is the sole responsibility of the content provider, i.e. the transmits of the content for advertising on the website.

Write Comments on the Website

Do not post on foodsdictionary website comments that violate the provisions of any law, including defamatory comments, racist comments, of a sexual nature, comments to incite, comments that infringe on privacy, infringe on public feelings and comments that violate intellectual property rights. For the avoidance of doubt, the sole responsibility for the content of the published comment is of the author, and the website reserves the right not to publish the comment and/or its part and/or delete comments published in its sole discretion and/or legal direction. The website will not be responsible for these messages and any claim will be forwarded directly to the comment writer.

Restrict the Use of the Website for Personal and Legal Purposes Only

This website is intended for personal use only and it is forbidden to make any commercial use of the website and/or the content published on it. You may not make changes, copy, transmit, distribute, advertise, sell or make any commercial use of the information, software, services and products originating from this website.


All trademarks of the companies, products, software and applications appearing on the website belong to their owners.


The website’s user declares he is aware that the application and the data contained in the database may have any errors or omissions and that the website will not have any responsibility or liability for the user’s use of both the application and the database, as well as any results and damages caused directly/indirectly by their use. The use made of the information produced by the user is the sole responsibility of the user. The website does not guarantee to the users the availability and/or integrity of the website system.

Any medical content appearing on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice and/or a recommendation for treatment and/or a substitute for treatment in any way. The services and information on this website are general and cannot be individually tailored to the needs of each and every person, therefore and for medical treatment and/or personal advice you should consult a physician/dietitian/nutritionist/naturopath or a suitable professional and not rely on the contents on the website. The website is not responsible for the correctness of the content written on it and it is recommended to consult a qualified person on any health/nutrition issue. The website will not be responsible for any damage caused as a result of the use of the information and content displayed on the website, and all responsibility lies with the providers and submitters of the content and information uploaded by them/by the website’s stuff to the website.

Foodsdictionary website will not be responsible for any damage caused by the use of the nutritional data as they are not reviewed by foodsdictionary website (meaning laboratory tests), and will not be responsible for the veracity of the data. The users will not have any claim and/or demand as a result of the use of the information presented. In addition, there may be errors and deviations in the data displayed on the website and the user will not have any demand and/or claim as a result.

Users who submit content to the website, including tips, articles, recipes, advice and guidelines, etc., hereby agree that the responsibility for what is said in this content is solely on them, including the responsibility for damage or injury to any third party in respect of what is said in the content. The website’s operators will not bear any responsibility/liability regarding any damages that will be caused to users as a result of using the website.

Sending Updates and Advertising Information

If the user has given his consent, the website may send him Emails and update him on new services, products, content and marketing information, whether the source of the information is the website itself or other advertisers. The website will not pass on the user's information to other parties without the user's consent. The user may revoke this consent and stop sending the Emails to him at any stage and at any time.


The user, including an advertiser and/or users who submit content to the website, undertakes to indemnify the website, its owners, operators and/or those on their behalf, for any damage, payment, expense, loss of profits or loss caused to them due to an act and/or omission which violate these Terms of Use and/or constitute an illegal act.


This website contains links to other websites that are not operated by the owners and operators of this website. The owners of this website have no control over websites owned by other parties. The operators and owners of this website do not bear any responsibility for the content that appears on other websites and/or for any damage that may be caused as a result of using other websites. The inclusion of links to other websites is for the convenience of users only and should not be construed as consent and/or approval to the information published on them and/or to indicate a connection between this website and other websites operators.

Law and Place of Judgment

Only the laws of the State of Israel shall apply to the use of this website. The exclusive place of jurisdiction in respect of anything arising from this agreement or the website and/or its use is in the competent courts in the Tel Aviv district.