Eggplant Torshi

Dwarf eggplants pickled in vinegar, salt and curry from Persian cuisine

  • AppetizersType
  • Super EasyDifficulty
  • 15-30 minPrep. Time
  • N/AServing/Unit


Dwarf eggplant, 900 g
5% vinegar, 1 L
Salt, 1 flat tablespoon
Curry powder, 1 flat teaspoon
Chili, 1 teaspoon
coarsely ground


1. Wash the eggplants, make 2-3 grooves in each eggplant, put in a pot and cover with vinegar.
2. Put on the gas, bring to a boil and add spices.
3. Leave it on the gas until the eggplant changes color, for about 10-15 minutes.
4. Cool, place in a jar and keep in the refrigerator.
5. Bon appetite (:
Nutritional Values Serving/Unit 100 Grams
Calories 475 cal 25 cal
Proteins 8 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 80 g 4 g
Fat 3 g 0 g
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Sarit Mabrucha Recipe by Sarit Mabrucha
Eggplant Torshi
Real Persian delicacy
Eggplant Torshi