Vegan Banana and Persimmon Smoothie

Vegan smoothie with banana, persimmon and whole sesame tahini

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  • Super EasyDifficulty
  • 10 minPrep. Time
  • 2Serving/Unit


Persimmon, 3 medium units
without peel
Banana, 1 medium unit
Whole sesame tahini, 2 teaspoons
Water, 1½ cups


1. Mix everything in a blender until a uniform texture is obtained.
2. You got a healthy and easy smoothie!
3. Enjoy (:

Equipment: blender.

Nutritional Values Serving/Unit 100 Grams
Calories 243 cal 52 cal
Proteins 3 g 1 g
Carbohydrates 56 g 12 g
Fat 4 g 1 g
The nutritional values appearing on this website are intended to provide general information only, and do not constitute a recommendation, a substitute for consulting a specialist or receiving medical advice.
Kira Gorenshtein Recipe by Kira Gorenshtein
Vegan Banana and Persimmon Smoothie
Healthy vegan and quick smoothie