Green Dip of Spinach and Kale

No one will guess that this delicacy contains a large amount of spinach and kale...

  • AppetizersType
  • Super EasyDifficulty
  • 10 minPrep. Time
  • 8Serving/Unit


Turkish Spinach, 150 g
Kyle, 40 g
7 leaves (of the delicate kind)
Garlic, 2 cloves
Salt from the Himalayas, 1/4 teaspoon
Thin and pink
Lemon, 1½ units
squeezed (less is possible)
Tahini, 1/2 cup


1. Transfer all the ingredients to a food processor (clean the kale from stalks along the entire length of the leaves).
2. Run the food processor until you get a spread with the desired texture.
3. Fix flavors, transfer to a serving dish and arrange fresh vegetables nicely.
4. Bon appetite (:

Equipment: food processor.

Nutritional Values Serving/Unit 100 Grams
Calories 76 cal 186 cal
Proteins 3 g 8 g
Carbohydrates 3 g 7 g
Fat 6 g 15 g
The nutritional values appearing on this website are intended to provide general information only, and do not constitute a recommendation, a substitute for consulting a specialist or receiving medical advice.
Hani Margolin Recipe by Hani Margolin
Green Dip of Spinach and Kale
Healthy green dip
Green Dip of Spinach and Kale